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Yellow Frank Hurt Dance Hoodies and Sweat Pants - What do you think?

Because I am only at school for the first two and a half months I want to get all the sweat pants and hoodies ordered as soon as possible so we can have them before I am gone. If you are not in dance class first semester make sure you are watching the blog, Facebook, and listening to the announcements to hear when we are ordering. I wouldn't want you to miss out!! We should be ordering by the end of September. I will have prices for you in September. We are doing yellow hoodies and black sweatpants. 

 This top print will be on the back of the hoodie as large as they can make it below the hood. 
On the sweat pants this print will be on the front of the left leg of the sweat pants but it will be a bit smaller to fit the leg. 

If you are on dance team you will have this printed down the right arm of your hoodie - dance above the elbow and team below. 


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